Over the course of her research and consulting career, Rachel has worked across a wide range of projects in the health and technology industries. She has guided a wide range of clients to realize the needs of their users, including Kaiser Permanente, Hewlett Packer, Buoy Health, Frank Zeidler Center for Public Discussion, the Medical Lacandon Fund (Mexico), Wits Reproductive Health Institute (South Africa), and the Spanish National Research Council (Spain). 

Rachel has lived and worked in Spain, Mexico, and South Africa before returning to her hometown of Los Angeles. She has a BA in Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles and a PhD in Medical Anthropology with a specialization in Science and Technology Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. From 2015-2018, Rachel was a Research Fellow at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa where she conducted original research and trained public health students and professionals in ethnography and human-centered design. She is an user experience volunteer with the OpenEMR project, and also a volunteer for The Ladybug Movement. 

Rachel founded Culture of Health+Tech Consulting in 2014 as an opportunity to conduct rigorous research and implementation in collaboration with other great women researchers, creatives, and designers. For more information about Rachel's research projects and publications, check out: http://www.rachelceasar.com.


Graciela is passionate about research and social justice. Her research adopts a sociocultural perspective encouraging the view that cultural communities must be examined within the context of meaningful activity and valued practices. Her research focuses on science education, narrative, pedagogy and child knowledge development, particularly among families of Mexican descent. 

She has served as a researcher and advisor for educational programs that have been implemented at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium, Loyola University's Children's Memory and Learning Lab, the San Jose Children's Museum, and the Exploratorium in San Francisco.  Her research and strategy focus on strengthening the education of children and first generation learners from diverse communities through conducting mixed methods research, leading trainings, focus groups, facilitating meetings, producing communications, writing articles, and activism.

Beyond research, she strives to give back to the communities she is a part of and seeks out environments that respect and value the experiences of non-dominant communities. Most recently she volunteered as a preschool storyteller in the Watsonville preschool district. 

Graciela has a PhD in Development Psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and an BS in Psychology and an BA in English, with a minor in Biology from Roosevelt University. 



Laura is a commercial filmmaker, documentarian, producer, editor, and founder of 20K Films. She creates high-quality, socially-conscious documentaries for the educational market with clients such as the American Library Association, Prairie Yoga, and Milk For Thought.

Laura's award-winning video production and editing work includes: a feature length documentary, Proceed and Be Bold!, that was accepted into six national film festivals and an international film festival; Indiegogo's best pitch video of 2012 with The Detroit Printing Plant crowdfunding video; and educational content for The North American Spine Society and The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa. She is currently in post-production on a feature length documentary about cartoonist Nicole Hollander, the creator of the nationally syndicated comic "Sylvia". 

Through creative storytelling, Laura's unique promotional, marketing, and educational documentary style aims to strike an emotional chord with audiences and inspire action.



Rocky has over 35 years of experience in the health field including translation, interpreting, reproductive health counseling, and recruiting and interviewing research participants. Her goal is to help Spanish-speaking clients access care, connect with their providers, and make informed decisions.

Since 1995, Rocky provides quality translations for public and nonprofit health, education, research, and social service providers, including translation of recorded qualitative interviews; written consent forms, surveys, website content, program reports, and funding applications. Rocky utilizes team translation to ensure accuracy and cultural competence.

Rocky's clients include: UC San Francisco, UC Berkeley, San Francisco Department of Health, La Clínica de la Raza, Cancer Prevention Institute of California, ChangeLab Solutions, New York Blood Center, Pangaea Global AIDS Fund, On Lok, Public Profit, RTI International, School-Based Health Alliance and others. She has volunteered for most of the past 20 years at the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic for Integrative Cancer Care as an interpreter for monolingual clients during clinic visits and educational workshops on lymphedema. 



Prerna is an experience designer with expertise in healthcare design and systems. From visualization to facilitation to qualitative research, Prerna places the individual at the center of the design process. She believes wholeheartedly in the capacity of her partners, stakeholders, and constituents to articulate and imagine better futures for themselves.

Prerna's recent work includes: designing better hospital signage and wayfinding solutions at the GNU Group; developing training materials that comprehensively support clinical champions to carry out safe surgery practices at Lifebox.org, a nonprofit supporting safe surgery in low-resource areas across the globe; and partnering with the Office of Patient Experience at the University of Michigan Health System to co-create with nurses, families, and hospital staff a toolkit that amplifies their work of promoting patient and family-centered care.

Prerna has an MA in Integrative Design from the University of Michigan, and an BA in Visual Communications from the University of California, Davis.