Culture of Health+Tech amplifies patient and clinician voices to create human-centered health+tech products and services built on empathy and co-creation. 



Participatory Research

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Integrating primary, secondary, evaluative, exploratory, and generative research from concept to real-world implementation. Understanding emerging health trends and technologies through observation and inquiry that transform how health and tech is advanced and delivered.

User Experience 

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Driving systematic studies of patient, clinician, and caregiver values and behaviors to inform cohesive design. Promoting human-centered needs by placing people and relationships at the center of care models.


Design Strategy

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Accelerating innovation through culturally-responsive strategy and design that reimagines products and services. Creating meaningful impact that transforms medical and technical practices with team and leadership workshop facilitation. 


Culture of Health+Tech Consulting provides research and design strategy consultation to leading innovators and organizations in healthcare and technology.